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Consistent and timely upgrade of our machinery and equipment has enable us to keep up to the technology and quality control of retreads product. Our range of machines from Shearography Machine, AZ Extruder, Logic Controlled Curing Chamber and High Pressure Tyre Tester are some of the feature machines that provide ease and consistency in product quality management.

ISO 9001 certified quality management system and MS 224 retread process standard certification are the basic requirement that keep us in track of the product quality management.

The technical competency and knowhow right from:

  • Raw material supply such as tread rubber formulation that meets Malaysia Standard
  • Tyre retreading with optimal curing pressure and time to each specific tread material and down to
  • Knowhow of Product Application Specific to each end user has enable us to manage our chain of supply in the best cost and value manner to our customers.


Sun Tyre - Total Tyre Management (TTM)

The Group has since promoting the tyre management system to transport fleets or direct end users called the Total Tyre Management (“TTM”). The current operation of TTM is not only active in Malaysia but developed down to it’s Franchisee as well. Under TTM supply concept, the fleet owner outsource the total tyre operation in the care of our professional team. It includes the supply of new tyres, retread tyres, tyre related accessories and tyre replacement services to the fleet. It is a custom tailored contract to suite the fleet’s operation needs and improving the efficiency of the fleet operation, ultimately bringing lowest cost to the fleet’s tyre and related expenses. It ease the owner’s mind off the tyre operation problem where he could pay full attention in running his transport business in the challenging market.


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