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Sun Tyre is adapting the consolidating transit warehouse “Depot” throughout Peninsula Malaysia at Ipoh and Senai to have all the customers’ casings within the designated transportation radius consolidated using light trucks sales team before transporting to the factory with large transport truck. It is vice versa for done retreads. This integrated process significantly reducing the logistic operating cost and improve efficiency which is directly benefiting to our customers.

Application of bar code system and control enable us to manage our casings and retreads tyres correctly and effectively. The system is a managing tools as well for the production staff to systematically and logically control the product quality. It has since giving the consistent management of the product quality in the midst of high turnover rate of production workers which is the common challenge factor to retreaders in Malaysia.

An integrated facility supply of thermal oil heating system and compressed air system operating in the optimal synergy level is maintained by a qualified technical team which in return keeps the energy expanses low for cost control measure.



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