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Sun Tyre Sdn Bhd (“Sun Tyre”) - West Malaysia


Sun Tyre Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Sun Tyre Industries Sdn Bhd) was incorporated in Malaysia since 1979 as one of the manufacturing arm of the group to retread and distribute premium grade retreaded tyres.

The Company is certified with ISO certificate since 1995. On top of it, the Company is also certified with MS224 in 2007 for Pre-cure and in 2008 for Hot-Cure

Sun Tyre products and services are distributed to the market through a network of more than 1,500 independent tyre dealers in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s product distribution channel is aggressively moving into direct end user such as large commercial fleet operators fulfilling the demand of lower tyre operating cost and short lead time of product supply. Besides distribution to local market, it’s retreaded tyres are also being exported to many ASEAN countries and worldwide includes Singapore, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, United Kingdom and etc. Currently, there are over 70% of the local industries such as the mining/ quarries, agriculture, city buses, container haulage and commercial transport vehicles are using it’s make of retreaded tyres.

The company markets it’s retread tyres under brand names; Suntex and Autoways through it’s 4 marketing arms namely Sunrich Marketing Sdn Bhd, Winner Suntex Sdn Bhd, Trakar Suntex Sdn Bhd and Autoways Industries Sdn Bhd

Marketing Arm

Contact and Enquiry


Sun Tyre Sdn Bhd
(Formerly known as Sun Tyre Industries Sdn Bhd)

Mr. Raymond Wong
Manager - Sales & Marketing

Phone: +6011 6265 2826 / +6018 318 6266

Email: raymondwong@sunrich-ew.com


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