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  • SUNRICH MARKETING SDN BHD was incorporated in Malaysia on the 9th September 1975 under the Companies Act, 1965 as a private limited company.
  • It is a wholly owned company by SUN TYRE INDUSTRIES SDN BHD and a subsidiary company under ecoWise Holdings Limited.
  • Our core business is sales & marketing of retread tyres and tyre related products (new tyres, tyre flaps, inner tube and etc.).
  • We offer quality and cost assurance to customers and we position ourselves as the Tyre Retreads Specialist.


Why Use Retread Tyres?

Tyre Retreading is Recycling. We collect back the used/bald tyre casings and retread /recycle them into high quality replacement tyres that can deliver as much reliability, durability and performance as new tyres. We prolong the lifespan of a tyre for environmental friendliness. Each and every retreaded tyre is designed to reduce the total commercial vehicle operating cost, reduce scrap tyre disposal and save natural resources and energy. Currently more than 60% of the industries such as Mining/ Quarries, City Buses, Cargo/ Trailers haulage, Agricultural/ Industrial and Light & Heavy commercial vehicles are using retreaded tyres. Even 90% of aircraft tyres in the world are retreaded tyres


Our Product Assurance

  • Safe Retreads - All our retreaded tyres are compliance to Product Certification License, MALAYSIAN STANDARD MS224:2005.

  • Our Warranty - Our retreaded tyre shall carry a product warranty against defects in the workmanship & material as well as given satisfactory service under normal operating conditions.

  • We use SHEAROGRAPHY TYRE TEST SYSTEM (X-SCAN) to ensure greater reliability and maximum casing life span.
  • We use HIGH PRESSURE TYRE TESTING MACHINE to double ensure the quality and reliability of retreaded tyre.
  • We use AZ MACHINE, an advanced rubber building machine, to further improve the quality of retreaded tyre.
  • We implement BARCODING SYSTEM for traceability of material used and retreaded tyre product warranty.
  • We used proven rubber compound testing methods: -


Our Strength

  • Largest Distribution and Widest Network, we have more than 30 units of Trucks Sales Team covering and servicing Peninsular Malaysia market and Singapore market.
  • We mobilize all branches/ depots to maintain highest level of services & delivery to customers.
  • We offer widest range of tyre sizes for retreading from On the Road tyres to Off the Road (OTR) tyres.
  • We provide Total Tyre Management (TTM), including 24 Hours Breakdown Services.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Tyres look round and black, but they are actually very green. Retreaded tyres are one of the most environmentally friendly of all recycled products, containing one of the highest post-consumer contents since the actual tyre is being recycled. Each time a tyre is retreaded there is one less tyre going to our already overcrowded landfills.

The oil savings with retreads is also very significant since tyres are basically petrochemical products. It takes approximately 22 gallons of oil to manufacture one average size truck tyre. Since most of the oil is found in the tyre casing, which is re-used in the retreading process, only about 7 gallons of oil is needed to retread the same tyre.

A fleet using as few as 100 tyres a year can help save 1,500 gallons of oil annually. Thanks to the tyre retread industry in Malaysia, hundreds of millions of gallons of scarce oil are saved every year, which helps to reduce our dependence on imported oil.

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