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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does loose rubber on the road come from?

The rubber pieces you see on the road do not come from retread tyres alone but from both new and retreaded tyres. It is important to note that most of the rubber on the road comes from truck tyres and is caused mainly by under inflation, overloading and tyre abuse. Any tyre can fail, especially if it is not maintained.


Are retread tyres as safe as new tyres?

Yes. Adjustment percentages of retreaded tyres are about the same as with new tyres. Retread tyres are manufactured to high standards using highly sophisticated machinery.  In fact, they are so safe, school bus fleets rely on them. Retread tyres are also used in aviation and are retreaded many times. Every commercial airline uses retreaded tyres and in fact over 90% of the aircrafts worldwide use retreaded tyres. In Malaysia, it was gazetted that retreaded pneumatic rubber tyres for passenger cars and commercial vehicles should comply with Malaysian Standard MS 224:2005


Are retread tyres inferior to new tyres?

The idea that retread tyres are something sold from a run-down shop just to deliver a few cheap kilometers does not square with the reality of modern retreading technology.

Today’s quality retread tyres are on par with new tyres and will almost certainly outperform cheap tyres. No wonder nearly every major truck fleet in the country uses retread tyres to deliver cost-effective mileage and durability.


Does a tyre casing wear out with the tread?

A tyre casing does not wear out like its tread does.  So with proper maintenance you can expect you get multiple lives out of a quality casing.  The key is using “quality” casing. Professional retreaders adhere to stringent industry practices at every step of the retreading process.


Do retread tyres deliver good mileage?

A quality retread tyre delivers mileage on par with many new tyres. Just as new tyre mileage varies widely, so does retread tyre mileage. The reason is due to a complex mix of tread compounding, tread weight, tread design and casing structure.

Yet quality retreads give excellent mileage. There is no way truck fleets would be using them if they did not. To fleets that run millions of kilometers a year, mileage is money.

Quality is important here. Quality retread tyre is perfectly safe for use and is a key component of a TB (truck & bus) tyre’s “total life”. Every major new TB tyre manufacturer designs its TB tyres for multiple lives, meaning they are designed to be retreaded to achieve as many lives as possible.


Do retread tyres perform well?

High quality retreads have taken all the punishment that professional off-road races could dish out. They have also run grueling 24 hour races and even cruised to over 240 kmh on a heavy truck at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Retread truck tyres save the trucking industry over US$3 billion each year, according to the Tyre Retread & Repair Information Bureau.


Retread tyre cannot take the heat?

Few would argue that heat can destroy a tyre, whether it is a new tyre or a retread tyre. But in most cases that major source of heat is due to under-inflation. That is why proper inflation is so important, no matter what kind of tyre you are running.


Retread tyres do not look good

The appearance of a finished retread tyre has a lot to do with the skill and thoroughness of the retreader. That is why Suntex retread tyres have the quality looks of a new tyre.


How long will retread tyres last?

With proper maintenance and care, retreaded tyres will provide the same amount of service as comparable new tyres. Retreads tread life varies from the same as a comparable new tyre to 75% of a new tyre.  The variables here, relative to a comparable new tyre are:

  • Retreads often start with less tread depth, 
  • Due to casing conditions, the retread footprint may be smaller or narrower the new tyre,
  • Trailer tyres are removed from service for reasons other than wear out over 80% of the time, especially with in-line haul service.


Can you drive at normal speeds on retread tyres?

Yes, of course. Retreaded tyres can be driven at the same legal speed as comparable new tyres with no loss in safety or comfort.



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