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  • Metal Detector

To change and replace from German metal detector to Japan metal detector. It minimum checking size from 1.2mm to 1mm. This is the improvement in quality thus to meet Japanese customers requirement.

  • CCTV Installation

Install CCTV in production shop floor. This is to help to increase the quality of the products. It is a requirement from Customers.

  • New Moriyama kneader

Install new Moriyama kneader in Line 4. This is to replace old China kneader which has many quality issues during production. With the installation of this new Japan branded kneader, Saiko can produce better quality products for customers.

  • Metal plate between Line 1 & Line 2

Install a metal plate between Line 1 & Line 2. This is to help to keep the production floor flat and clean. This is to facility worker to do job in production.

  • Upgrade Kneader in Line 1

Upgrade and change kneader from 75L Nhie Ho kneader to 110L Moriyama Kneader. This is to improve the quality and quantity produced in Line 1.

  • Customized Label Printing System

Implement this customized label printing system in Saiko. Saiko to gain better quality in process and also meet customer requirement.

  • Schedule waste room & oil storage room

To build up a schedule waste room and oil storage room in Saiko. This is to keep schedule waste items in proper control condition and meet DOE requirement.

  • Industrial based PC

To replace and installed a PC from normal based to industrial based. This is to enhance PC quality usage especially used in Chemical Room.

  • Rubber Stamping Tool

As strongly request by customer Seginiaga, Saiko to install a rubber stamping tool in the production line. This can helps to identify the rubber producing date clearly.


  • Warehouse Improvement

Currently Saiko prepared to upgrade warehouse by using racking system. With this racking system installed in Saiko warehouse, the raw material and finished good products can be kept in proper condition.
More space available in Saiko warehouse and the warehouse will be in good storage manner.

  • Kneader replacement

Changed and replace from 75L YiTzung (Taiwan) kneader to 110L Moriyama (Japan) kneader between June 2014 and October 2014. This is a great improvement, it helps to increase both in quality and quantity products and also meet customer requirement.




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