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Sun Rubber is certified with the ISO certificate since 1995
Sun Rubber is certified with the MS224’s material retirements certification such as MS1097, Rubber Tread Compound for Hot Retreading of commercial vehicle tyre, MS1208 : Procured Tread for retreading tyre, MS1384 :  Cushion Gum based in procured Retread of tyre in 2014

Cushion Gum 1348 : 2010 > May 2014
MS1208 : PTL > May 2014
MS1097 : Proposed > Oct 2014
ISO 9001 > 1994
TS16949 > 2013

Sun Rubber used finest compounding ingredients and employ various combination of natural and synthetic rubber, range of carbon black, rubber chemicals and silica / silane coupling know how and adopting the latest and most advance control mixing technology of our Intermesh Mixing Line to achieve above superior performance and quality consistency.



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